Life is a strange and beautiful thing


I am only 22 years old and I have a lot of living to do, and I am completely aware of this. Now life is a funny thing because it isn’t something that is understood by anyone, at least not completely. Throughout my young life though I have seen quite a bit and I have come across countless number of people, who are living but aren’t alive. I used to be one of those people who would get angry over pointless things, have stupid arguments, and take things for granted. I would get swept up in the routine, I would just rush through things and not enjoy where I actually was. So many of us do this and fail to realize that we are in a methodical funk. We have been almost programmed to believe that this is the right way to live and that the All Mighty Dollar is the key to happiness.

Now my point in writing this isn’t about the corporate world and that whole argument ( Save that for another day!) 

What I want to talk about is how we live on an emotional and spiritual way. As many have said before my time, that changing ones self is how you change the world. Everywhere I look I see people who are jealous, petty, or hold on to this anger that won’t do them any good. Now i know it’s easier to say this because everyone has their own battles to fight and I understand that, BUT we all have it within ourselves to live a better life. Living a simple and good life is all about perspective, about how you see the world and the things around you. 

Think about this, that argument you had with your friend about forgetting to invite you somewhere or for talking to the girl you like, is it really worth it? I mean if this is a repetitive pattern you might want to think about your friendship but to have ill feelings is a whole other topic. The way I look at things is if I am lying on my death bed in my last moments of life is that even going to cross my mind? It seems silly to think about everything in that context but believe me it works. There is beauty all around us and we just have to take the time to appreciate it. 


Now I can say a whole bunch of cliches or spout my beliefs but the truth is this isn’t going to be something that anyone else can make you see. For me, I woke up one day and something inside of me just clicked. I saw the world for what it truly was. I know I sound like a hippie and that I am off my meds but trust me this is something that comes from within. This realization has led me to mediate when I get time, which can refresh you on all levels. Just take some time throughout your day, it can even be 15 mins but just close your eyes and think of something that brings you true joy. Just let yourself be immersed in that image, in that thought and just let go. 

I guess what I am trying to say with this whole post is that life is short and we only truly get one. The life we are living is something precious and every breath we take is a gift, so don’t waste it.

It’s funny I started writing this thinking I could tell people what the right way to live is but in reality I can’t do that. This is just something that needs to come from within and I hope you all have a moment in your lives that will help you find inner peace. Life is a beautiful and crazy ride, buckle up and enjoy!

Until next time~Peace, Love & Respect~


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