Dreaming a Reality


 It was a dark and mysterious night and I knew something different was in the air. I chose to walk to the club instead of taking a cab. The city was busy and silent at the same time, with the streets crowded but with no one uttering a single sound. The city lights guided me through the streets where I knew I was in danger because Ray Bones and Chilli Palmer forgot their own differences to come after me. I looked up and saw good Ole’ Johnny in the sky and a sense of calm came over me. But I knew I should of jumped town a long time  ago with the kind of mess I was in but I couldn’t leave with out her. Mal. Her name was Mal.


In this city filled with enemies she was the only face I trusted. She wasn’t just a dame , her smile cracked through my soul and left a feeling of right. I had to find her and convince her to jump town with me.I got to the club and just like the first time I ever saw her, Ella and Louie were singing “Dream a little dream of me”. That was mine and Mals song. We loved to dream together and figure out where we would end up. The last time I saw her we were listening to our song, and the last words Ella sung so did Mal. It seemed like she was telling me though rather than singing. She said “Promise to me, dream, dream a little dream of me”. It was almost like someone planned this moment to perfection for me.



The smokey atmosphere brought me to a nolstagic high. It felt like the crowd knew I was there and they tried to keep me from Mal. I couldn’t seem to find her and then from the corner of my eye I saw her smile and my heart started beating faster and slower at the same time. I tried getting closer to her, and then I saw it. She was in the arms of Chilli Palmer and she was giving him the same smile she gave me. Then I knew the ugly truth, that I was in a beautiful lie. They saw me and I knew I could get out of there alive if I just tried to reason with them but instead…….I reached for my gun. I felt the bullets pierce my skin and Mals smile pierce my heart. As I hit the ground I heard Ella sing “promise to me, you dream, dream a little dream of me”.


The coldness took over my body and in a sick twisted irony I heard Ray Bones say “Be Cool” as they walked over my body. I was entering a state of limbo where I was neither dead or alive. I just kept seeing Mals smile, the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. So as I sunk, I kept my promise to Mal, and I kept dreaming.



This was my first story I ever wrote so let me know what you think.

And for the little refernces you didn’t catch. 1) Good Ol’ Johnny was the John Hancock Building.

2) Ella and Louie are Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong and the song I am talking about is obviously “Dream a little dream of me”

3)Chilli Palmer and Ray Bones are characters from the movie “Get Shorty” and the sequel “Be Cool”. And Mal is from Inception.


Feelings After Japan disaster

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Excuse the randomness and the jumping around of topics but I wrote this as I felt it, so there were an overflow of thoughts in my head just coming out.


Friday, March 11, 2011. I woke up today thinking that it was just going to be another day, I was wrong. I found out about what happened in Japan not by the news but from the status updates that I get from facebook on my phone, which is sad in its own right if you think about it. I then turned to the news for the first time in I don’t know how long. I was shocked and in disbelief that something like this could truly happen, I could only imagine what the people there were going through. While watching the news all I saw was the destruction in Japan, the unrest in the Middle East, and many people dying. Watching all of this got me truly thinking about life and the way people treat others throughout the world.

If you think about it this life is the only one we are truly promised because no one knows what will really happen beyond this life. When we see people we shouldn’t see race, color, ethnicity, or culture. Rather we should see individuals who have the right to their own thoughts, ideas, and views. Now I don’t believe in 2012 and in the end of the world, but there have surely been some events that have been devastating on a great scale. What I am trying to say with this is that life is short and you never quite know what is going to happen next. With that in mind I wonder how people can still show hate towards others, still have racism flowing through their blood, and still manage to create drama.

I see it everyday at COD and those who go there know it too. There is drama almost every single day between someone, there is always “he said”, “she said”, and there are always groups and cliques having fun at the expense of someone else. Obviously this happens everywhere and COD is just an example. I think it is time for us as a society to realize that grudges and these negative thoughts and feelings will never get us anywhere. I don’t care if anyone of you comments this or likes it or anything. I just want all of you to think about how you treat others. Think about the people you let walk out of your life just because a stupid grudge. Then I want you to think about it on a bigger scale. Meaning do you truly, and I mean truly appreciate what you have? There are those who have everything you could ask for yet they do not know how to live life the way it should be. Then there are those who live on the streets yet they appreciate what they have even when it is not a lot. They know what life is really about and how people should be treated. I will be honest in saying that I overlook what I have on a daily basis. It is sad that something so drastic has to happen for us to wake up. And what is even sadder is that after a few days we forget about it and then just go back to our daily routines. We never think about the fact of “what if it was to happen here?” Wouldn’t we want or even expect help from others? I have been saying for so long that I want to do something positive in the world and help others, yet life just got in the way. Well no more excuses for me, but what about you? Are you willing to give even an hour a week to help others? Are you willing to go volunteer somewhere or make others more aware of a situation in the world that could be easily avoided if people were not so ignorant?

I am urging all of you to make this world a better place and don’t worry I am not just talking the talk I will make sure that I walk the walk as well. Just think about it though, this is our future, our world, our lives shouldn’t we care more about it? If we want a better world then we need to make it happen, we can not wait for someone else to do it for us. I am not talking about anything drastic right away but just start off with being good to yourself and being good to others. Showing compassion and concern for others can make a world of difference. Think about people being able to put their petty differences aside and living in a world where there is no hate, no negative feelings and just people being themselves. It is true what they say, you could be having the worst day ever with a hundred things going wrong but just one act of kindness from someone can make you forget about your whole day and energize you and your soul.

It is true that there are a lot of bad things out there happening and it is hard to just be positive and overlook these things. I am not saying that we should act like nothing is wrong, in fact I am saying we should be more proactive and do something about it. I mean seriously “Jersey Shore” and Charlie Sheen is what controls the news feeds and is what passes as good conversation topics now a days. Do we really want to be known as the generation to be connected to that? Like I said this is our future and it is in our hands to be molded how we want it to be. As a society we will face many hardships but the triumph of the human spirit is truly a beautiful thing. We need to be strong and be united in what we do because if you think about it we are the only thing standing in the way of being a beautiful world. There are no other enemies, it is just us against us, and the sooner we start treating others better the sooner our problems will fade. Well I can go on and on about this and many other topics but this is just what I felt so I thought I would share with all of you.

I am sending this to over 300 people and all I ask is that all of you just share the message behind all of this with at least one person and that will be another 300 people who hopefully come to their senses and start making this world a better place. Just think about this, you can wake up tomorrow to a better world and know that you were responsible for making this happen, why wouldn’t you want that?


Another Press Release

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Chirag Pandya


April 2, 2013



Hamilton Filters realize that children are much more susceptible to air pollution than adults, and that parents want the best for their kids and themselves. However many people fail to realize that while driving in their cars with the windows rolled up and the air conditioning blasting there is still a very realistic chance that they are being exposed to a high level of pollutants. Many motorists may not realize but most vehicles (2000 and newer) are equipped with cabin air filters that are designed to clean the air inside the car while you drive. This is a great feature, however if the filter gets clogged the amount of pollutants will greatly multiply. Pollutants such as fine dust, diesel soot and nitrogen oxides can enter the car through the vents and the concentrations of these substances can be higher than at the side of the road.


Therefore it is very important to have a great filter in your car that you can trust to keep you safe.Hamiltons No-Worry Filters, offer two types of filters, the standard that traps all types of airborne particles and the upgraded version that also removes unpleasant odors.


The standard version has a scientifically engineered media that forms into a multi-layer design with pleats. This offers more surface area which helps in filtering out more contaminants. The standard version filters are electrostatically charged which capture the tiniest of particles. The upgraded version features an activated charcoal layer that captures and holds even the most toxic and foul smelling gases.


Hamiltons No-Worry Filters are available for most newer vehicles and come with illustrated, simple to use instructions for many various makes and models. You can also find these instructions online at our website www.hamiltonfilters.com. Please feel free to contact Chirag Pandya (PR Manager) with any questions and concerns at 222-222-2222 or email at Chirag_p20@yahoo.com.

Thank You,

Chirag Pandya

Press Release I did for class


Chirag Pandya                                                                               

County’s Board of Elections

PR Manager




If you wish to vote in the municipal primary that is soon approaching you have until April 16 to register. To get your hands on voter registration applications you can simply call the Voter Registration Office at 555-1212 and we would be glad to help. If you desire another way of contacting us you could also email us to request the forms at voter@county.gov.  Keep in mind with this option though that you will not be able to complete the form online. You will still have to print the form out and mail it in to the County Voter Registration Office, which is located at 157 W. Washington, St. Addison, IL.


Remember that the forms to register are absolutely free and the process is simple as can be. Make sure to show any change in name, address or party affiliation on the forms so we can keep your information updated.


If you can’t make it to the voters booths don’t worry we have absentee ballots as well. You can obtain a absentee ballot by simply calling us at 555-1212. The applications requesting the absentee ballots must be received by May 8 and the ballots should be returned to the county courthouse no later than 5pm on May 11.


One thing to remember is that for absentee voters is that if you do not have a disability then your ballot must be delivered in person or through the United States Postal Service. Of you use any other means then the County Board of Elections will not accept your ballot.


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me Chirag Pandya (PR Manager) at Chirag_p20@yahoo.com or call me at 222-2222.





Thank you,

Chirag Pandya