Another Press Release

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Chirag Pandya


April 2, 2013


Hamilton Filters realize that children are much more susceptible to air pollution than adults, and that parents want the best for their kids and themselves. However many people fail to realize that while driving in their cars with the windows rolled up and the air conditioning blasting there is still a very realistic chance that they are being exposed to a high level of pollutants. Many motorists may not realize but most vehicles (2000 and newer) are equipped with cabin air filters that are designed to clean the air inside the car while you drive. This is a great feature, however if the filter gets clogged the amount of pollutants will greatly multiply. Pollutants such as fine dust, diesel soot and nitrogen oxides can enter the car through the vents and the concentrations of these substances can be higher than at the side of the road.


Therefore it is very important to have a great filter in your car that you can trust to keep you safe.Hamiltons No-Worry Filters, offer two types of filters, the standard that traps all types of airborne particles and the upgraded version that also removes unpleasant odors.


The standard version has a scientifically engineered media that forms into a multi-layer design with pleats. This offers more surface area which helps in filtering out more contaminants. The standard version filters are electrostatically charged which capture the tiniest of particles. The upgraded version features an activated charcoal layer that captures and holds even the most toxic and foul smelling gases.


Hamiltons No-Worry Filters are available for most newer vehicles and come with illustrated, simple to use instructions for many various makes and models. You can also find these instructions online at our website Please feel free to contact Chirag Pandya (PR Manager) with any questions and concerns at 222-222-2222 or email at

Thank You,

Chirag Pandya


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