Press Release I did for class


Chirag Pandya                                                                               

County’s Board of Elections

PR Manager



If you wish to vote in the municipal primary that is soon approaching you have until April 16 to register. To get your hands on voter registration applications you can simply call the Voter Registration Office at 555-1212 and we would be glad to help. If you desire another way of contacting us you could also email us to request the forms at  Keep in mind with this option though that you will not be able to complete the form online. You will still have to print the form out and mail it in to the County Voter Registration Office, which is located at 157 W. Washington, St. Addison, IL.


Remember that the forms to register are absolutely free and the process is simple as can be. Make sure to show any change in name, address or party affiliation on the forms so we can keep your information updated.


If you can’t make it to the voters booths don’t worry we have absentee ballots as well. You can obtain a absentee ballot by simply calling us at 555-1212. The applications requesting the absentee ballots must be received by May 8 and the ballots should be returned to the county courthouse no later than 5pm on May 11.


One thing to remember is that for absentee voters is that if you do not have a disability then your ballot must be delivered in person or through the United States Postal Service. Of you use any other means then the County Board of Elections will not accept your ballot.


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me Chirag Pandya (PR Manager) at or call me at 222-2222.





Thank you,

Chirag Pandya


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