Dreaming a Reality


 It was a dark and mysterious night and I knew something different was in the air. I chose to walk to the club instead of taking a cab. The city was busy and silent at the same time, with the streets crowded but with no one uttering a single sound. The city lights guided me through the streets where I knew I was in danger because Ray Bones and Chilli Palmer forgot their own differences to come after me. I looked up and saw good Ole’ Johnny in the sky and a sense of calm came over me. But I knew I should of jumped town a long time  ago with the kind of mess I was in but I couldn’t leave with out her. Mal. Her name was Mal.


In this city filled with enemies she was the only face I trusted. She wasn’t just a dame , her smile cracked through my soul and left a feeling of right. I had to find her and convince her to jump town with me.I got to the club and just like the first time I ever saw her, Ella and Louie were singing “Dream a little dream of me”. That was mine and Mals song. We loved to dream together and figure out where we would end up. The last time I saw her we were listening to our song, and the last words Ella sung so did Mal. It seemed like she was telling me though rather than singing. She said “Promise to me, dream, dream a little dream of me”. It was almost like someone planned this moment to perfection for me.



The smokey atmosphere brought me to a nolstagic high. It felt like the crowd knew I was there and they tried to keep me from Mal. I couldn’t seem to find her and then from the corner of my eye I saw her smile and my heart started beating faster and slower at the same time. I tried getting closer to her, and then I saw it. She was in the arms of Chilli Palmer and she was giving him the same smile she gave me. Then I knew the ugly truth, that I was in a beautiful lie. They saw me and I knew I could get out of there alive if I just tried to reason with them but instead…….I reached for my gun. I felt the bullets pierce my skin and Mals smile pierce my heart. As I hit the ground I heard Ella sing “promise to me, you dream, dream a little dream of me”.


The coldness took over my body and in a sick twisted irony I heard Ray Bones say “Be Cool” as they walked over my body. I was entering a state of limbo where I was neither dead or alive. I just kept seeing Mals smile, the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. So as I sunk, I kept my promise to Mal, and I kept dreaming.



This was my first story I ever wrote so let me know what you think.

And for the little refernces you didn’t catch. 1) Good Ol’ Johnny was the John Hancock Building.

2) Ella and Louie are Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong and the song I am talking about is obviously “Dream a little dream of me”

3)Chilli Palmer and Ray Bones are characters from the movie “Get Shorty” and the sequel “Be Cool”. And Mal is from Inception.


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