Instagram means business



Instagram is the insta-tool for your business to succeed


There are an abundance of social media sites and tools at your disposal nowadays, but is that necessarily a good thing? Many people get overwhelmed and don’t know what social media platforms to use or even worse they try to use every single one they possibly can. Before you even start you need to recognize what your business is and who you want to cater to. Not all social media platforms are the same and they don’t all have the same audience. Then why is Instagram so successful regardless of the business you are in? Let’s dive in and see!


If unaware, Instagram is a social media platform where users can upload pictures and use hashtags to create small communities just like twitter. Now lets check out the several benefits Instagram has for you and your business.


1. We all have heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.”, it may be cliche but it is very true. Most people are visual and having a well placed picture can do the job of an advertisement without having to go through the effort or expenses linked with it. This is a great platform to show consumers the passion you have for your products and services.

2. Another benefit of instagram is that you can give consumers the “exclusive sneak peek” or the “behind the scenes” experience. This will help you build a unique rapport with your consumers and will also create a fascination and intrigue factor. A picture of your product being made or a picture of an office party creates a bridge between the business and the consumers that will help them relate to you on another level.

3. Generate customer interaction in exchanges where they show themselves using your products. Make the exchanges fun and interesting for them and get them excited to be talking to you. If they feel a certain relation building where they know you care they will be much more likely to spend money.

4. Lastly Instagram can help you build a personality for your brand. Choose the pictures you upload carefully and make sure they express your brand the way you want. Are you trying to portray a “serious” attitude or a “socially conscious” one?


Instagram has hundreds of millions of active users posting over 40 million pictures a day, if used correctly your business could see great gains. Say cheese!


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