Service Agreements



As most people do I also always click on the “I agree” button and move on without any hesitation, but that might be a huge mistake. Most companies know this and take full advantage of the fact that people don’t read anymore. One thing that I found out recently that shocked me was that even if you are logged out of facebook that they can still track your web activity. If you’re logged into Facebook, the company tracks every website you visit that has a Facebook “Like” or “Share” button and ties it directly to your name and email address for 90 days, according to USA Today. Sony faced a class-action lawsuit with their online Playstation network debacle, where millions of users saw their private data revealed. After this incident Sony issued new Terms of Service for the PlayStation Network that banned users from grouping together to bring class-action suits against the tech company. This maneuver was proved to be legal by the Supreme Court in 2011, and other big companies such as Microsoft and AT&T started implementing this strategy. It seems to me companies are making sure to cover themselves even when it was their mistake, but hey that’s practical business right? I feel like all corporations care about is their bottom line and they could care less about doing what’s right.  I think one of the most disturbing things I came across was the fact that even if you delete something right away the provider still keeps a copy of it for themselves. Facebook holds on to the deleted content for a “reasonable period of time” , which is very vague and could very well mean forever. Twitpic, the Twitter photo-sharing program will hold on to your pictures forever. They justify this by saying that they hold on to it “in case of legal issues”. So the moral of this story is always think, re-think and just in case think once more before you put something online.


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