What is a webinar?




A webinar or a “webcast”, “online event” or a “web seminar” is a very effective and efficient tool for any organization. With a webinar an individual can have a vast audience from all over the world because everything is being done over the internet. We all have heard of Skype and Google Hangouts but a webinar is on a greater scale. The speaker from the hosting organization can share PowerPoint presentations, videos, web pages or other media content with their audience which could be located anywhere in the globe. The audience usually can interact with the speaker in real time through tools such as instant messaging and email.


A webinar typically has both visual and audio components and often additional software isn’t needed. If special software is required, the host of the webinar will usually inform and provide it for the participants beforehand via download. Most webinars will require you to sign up ahead of time, so make sure you are registered and have your spot reserved. After doing so you should receive an email shortly which will contain your confirmation code, from there just follow the given instructions by the host.


The beauty of a webinar is that once you get passed your apprehension of the technological aspect (which is minimal) there are benefits on top of benefits for all parties involved. With a webinar you can eliminate a vast amount of your expenses. Compared to a live conference you are cutting out the meeting facility, travel costs and also the energy and time for participants to attend.


The uses for webinars are pretty much limitless. They can be used for conferences, training programs, lectures or even short presentations. You can let your creative mind run wild and take advantage of this tool any way you see fit. It is important to find ways to cut your costs but still have an effective and efficient business, holding webinars can definitely help you with that!



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