The dripping of nonsensical thoughts



So it’s been about a month since I have graduated college, still no job. I am sitting here in my kitchen while typing this, listening to Queens ” We will Rock You” on Pandora and can’t help but think, “is Freddie Mercury talking to me right now? Am I a big disgrace?” I don’t even know right now because my A.D.D. has taken my attention to that damn sink which is dripping as if it’s sending a Morse code. Probably sending for help to get out of this stale, methodical and boring environment. 

Do you ever wonder what the purpose of life is? Well of course you do, I mean that’s one of those universal thoughts that every single human is required to have. But seriously what is the point of all of this? And I don’t just mean now, but I mean the entirety of human existence. What is the purpose? Why were humans created and what real purpose do we have. We are born, we live and then we die. I mean I understand we make a difference in the lives around us and all but as a species what the hell are we doing here? It is dark and vast question and it takes quite a bit of soul searching to understand.

Maybe I should just fix this damn faucet and I will be content with the purpose of life and creation. It’s worth a shot at least. 


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