Freedom Rains




He stood there looking in to the window, on this clear and crisp night. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, his wife in the arms of another man. The woman he once cared for so much, his high school sweetheart.  It was odd he thought while standing there, “I should be more hurt, I should burst in there and confront them but the truth is I can’t seem to move at all.” He did not know what was more upsetting, his wife cheating or the fact that he did not seem to care as much as he should. Rain began to fall on to his head and he felt the cold drops bring more feeling and sensation in to his body than he has felt in over the past 5 years. Working a job he didn’t care about, one he had no passion for so he could support his even more passionless marriage. Day in and day out he walked with the corporate corpses, pretending that he was one of them when in reality he was far from it.

He used to have dreams, he used to sing out loud, he always used to have a smile on his face. He wanted to help people and he wanted to make this world a better place. This was the real him but unfortunately this was also the old him, one he hasn’t seen in over five years. He was still standing outside the window and he was about to turn away and right at that moment his eye caught his wife’s eye. It was obvious she saw him but she did not stop. If anything she became more caught up in the moment of passion and lost all inhibitions. Right then he knew that this moment was not one of heartache but a blessing instead. He is finally free of the shackles of the mundane, of the corporate politics and of playing just a role of husband but not actually being one. He was finally free to be himself and to live a life full of lost inhibitions and to carry out his dreams. He finally stepped away from the window and made his way to the middle of the street. There he opened his arms and welcomed the rain into his embrace. With a smile on his face and eyes wide open he finally looked at the rain as a mad man.



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