My Something is Now



I have to be something, because if im not something then i’m nothing and if i’m nothing what the hell am I? What the hell is my purpose? More or less i’m just taking up space, and taking up this air that I don’t really have a plan for. Excuse me because I dont even know what Im talking about, I dont even know what im talking about. This life..its like a puzzle, its like a riddle, its like that damn sudoku you try on sunday morning but it just doesnt quite make sense at all. So many times we are busy trying to make sense of it all, trying to get strangers to like us and we forget about the few that love us beyond our ridiculous faults. These minds of ours are cluttered with oughts and ought naughts. Over analyzing every move and not knowing where to let the sanity drop. That we forget that the only thing that matters is the now. The now is this very particular moment which will have no other like it. What you do in the now is the only thing that matters. The now is a place where dreams are lived and new worlds are conquered. The now is the mystical and the logical. The impractical and improbable. The Ideological and plausible. The now is exactly what you want it to be. Now… let that soak in and take a deep breath. You owe it to yourself to just take this breath.  Breathe in The Now. How beautiful does it feel. What you just did was experience this moment completely and absolutely. Now take that and apply it to every single moment you will ever see. Experience each moment thoroughly and deeply. Because what we are is the universe with a conscious floating around in a 3d reality. Where the sane have no place because you can only strive with the insanity. To live in the now and to live in a world of dreams you need to lose your mind and forgot whatever seemed. Far too often we are hindered by the social constructs of society why cant we just follow our own paths and be who we choose to be. These are just nonsensical thoughts flowing through my head and to be honest I dont even know what ive said. These are just emotions prematurely  bursting at seeing a white blank page.


I have to be something, because if im not something then im nothing and if im nothing what the hell am i? Breathe in The Now. I am an artist. As Picasso played with the canvas I play with the white blank page. My fingers are my brush and with each key I hit I feel a rush. Because this is what the hell I am. I create. I create with my imagination and bring forth illumination …of the mind. We all crave to be something because what is life without meaning. Meaning for us to be here instead of all those who didnt make it this far. But remember those who didn’t make it this far because they would do anything to be in your beaten down gym shoes. In this life there is only so much that we get to chose. So chose to be happy and chose to dream. Chose to love and dont be afraid to scream off the roof tops at the tops of you lungs. And make sure your young tongues have sung with so much joy it reaches the cosmos and even the Gods know that you chose to live in The Now.



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