It’s a rainy day in April. I’m here sitting in my living room listening to music like I do quite often. Day-o by Harry Belafonte is playing and it brings about a certain nostalgic high. As I lift my head up, I notice a picture of my grandpa. It has been sitting there for as long as I can remember but I have never really looked at it. Truth is I never knew him. He passed away before I was born. But I am told he was a man of great presence and wisdom. Looking at the picture I started to think, I have no idea who he is and I never will. Besides the stories that my family will tell me. Then it clicked. All we are and ever will be is our stories. What we do and the actions that we take. The impact that we had on those around us. I guess I always knew that in some capacity, but it was finally clear in this moment.


That got me thinking about myself. What will my story be? Looking at my past I’ve had some good moments and some bad. Nobody is perfect, am I right? But now I have the choice to be good and make a difference for those around me. And I guess that is why I write and share my work. As much as this is for me so I can just clear my head and relieve stress. I do this for others. Now I don’t know how many of you actually read what I post or even care. And that’s fine by me. I just hope to reach one individual out there and to let them know that they are not alone. Because trust me I know the feeling of being alone. Nothing is worse than feeling that way and having no one to understand that. We all go through it sometimes in our life, it’s only natural. So with my writing I just want to help people who are out there. By sharing my thoughts and experiences. Hopefully I can create some kind of dialogue with those out there and just let them know that things will be fine.


We live in world where people are judged for the dumbest things. We single out individuals for their race, religion, skin color, views, or a countless number of things. You may or may not have graduated high school but that doesn’t matter because life is just a bigger version of it. There are cliques, segregation and bullying. The sooner we accept people for who they are and stop judging each other we will find happiness that much quicker. Like I said I am no where near perfect and I have my flaws. But I hope to get better day by day and treat those around me with love and compassion.


I look at my grandfathers picture again. Wondering if he would be proud of me and the person I am today. I will never know but all I can do is to try to become that person everyday for the rest of my life.


Sorry for the hiatus!!!



I apologize for not posting anything for the past month and half. I have just been crazy busy with job hunting and applying to grad school now. I promise you however, that I will be starting to write again. That is if my good ole’ friend writers block doesn’t show again….I really despise him