Things might be coming around

For those of you that read my writing know that I am an annoyingly positive person. But as positive as I am, it can be tough to have that attitude 24/7. That’s the thing to remember though, you don’t have to be positive all day every day. You do however need to remember that things are never as bad as you think and that there is a silver lining if you have the perspective.

As positive as I was/am things were looking a little down. My love life going nowhere, haven’t landed a job 7 months after graduation and life just seemed routine. But just through the last week-I had a great job interview for the position I wanted, I seem to be having better luck in my love life and I finally went skydiving after 7 years of waiting.

I guess what I am saying is that if you aren’t happy you need to take the initiative and change your life. True that sometimes things are left up to timing, but you can’t just sit back and let life happen. Get out there and take risks, try new things and get out of your comfort zone. Life is waaaay too short for you to let it just happen. Write your own story.

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