Careers, should they be your passion or a means to an end?


So this is an apology for my readers, whoever may be kind enough to actually visit my blog that is. I know I have said that I would make more of an effort to post on a regular basis but I have been so busy with work for the last 2 months. Ohh yeah! I got a job! I am extremely lucky to have found something after the countless amounts of applications I filed out. Trust me I know this (and if it feels like there is a but coming here, then you my friend are correct) but, it hasn’t been all that I thought it would be.

I know for a fact this is not the industry nor the position I want for my career. It is not something that is particularly interesting to me and I am not in the slightest passionate about it. It’s a paycheck though, right? So what do I do? Do I stick it out for the “required” year as it is my first job or do I try to find something while working here.

I  am the type of person who needs to feel like they are making a difference, not just at work but in the world. I don’t feel either in my current position. The work I do only makes the owners richer but doesn’t do much as to make the world a better place in any capacity. What I truly love to do as many of you know, is to write. To create content. To inspire. To make some kind of positive impact with my contribution.

What I really want is a job in the social media/PR/creative industry where I can be & use my creative side. I want my juices flowing. I don’t want to sit at a desk and just twiddle my thumbs. It is a cross roads that the majority of us find ourselves in. We get stuck in a job we don’t like but we just say “we’re supposed to hate our jobs anyways. No one likes work. That’s just life.” I don’t agree with this sentiment at all. You don’t have to hate your job. You can find something you truly love and are passionate about. You need to get out there and network. You need to add skills so you can be a valuable piece in the industry in which you want to work in. And that is exactly what I am doing right now. Hopefully this will open up a door to a job I truly am passionate about.

Being stressed and having a job I have no passion for has been taking control of my life for the past 2 months. I haven’t had a chance to write at all. I haven’t really been able to do much of anything. I just come home exhausted and feeling almost depressed. I know i am unhappy in this situation but I am being practical because I need the money right now. Not for myself, but to take the burden off my parents who have supported me for 24 years. I owe it to them to stay at this job until something better comes along. But boy I hope something good comes along soon! This was just my little way of venting to you beautiful people : ) Hope you don’t mind!

What are your takes on finding a career in which you can truly be happy in? Any tips or advice? Please chime in and reblog to see what others think. I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts!

Until Next Time ~Peace, Love & Respect~


How to make a Webinar



I told you what a webinar is, but now how do you go about in making one? There are several factors that you need to take into consideration so you can have a successful webinar. First off you need to put together a support team. In general there are three main players in making a successful webinar. You have your organizer, the presenters and the assistants. These roles can be designated however you see fit but it’s a good idea not to do it yourself, as it’s extremely overwhelming. The organizer is responsible for developing the webinar topic, locating a speaker, marketing the event, setting up the registration etc.. The presenter is the individual who speaks during the webinar and the assistants take care of everything else that you delegate to them such as answering technical and logistical questions.


Next you should figure out the format you want to have, a webinar can be structured in a variety of formats to suit different purposes. Such as having only one speaker, keeping an interview style or having an interactive format. There are pros and cons for every style but you need to determine what would suit your topic and audience. Webinars rely heavily on audio and visuals to get the message across, both should be engaging. Therefore prepare your visuals beforehand to have a smooth flow to your presentation. Next in the process is to determine what web conferencing platform you want to use. Factors to take into consideration when making this decision are- how many people will the tool accommodate? How much will it cost? What features are included? You can find articles on and that help you understand and pick a tool for your webinar.  

Next you should have a dry run of the webinar to work out any kinks there may be. During your run make sure to note that you have all the proper equipment and a backup plan because technology can be unpredictable. Next you need to figure out your price structure.. Keep in mind that some webinars are free, most usually cost anywhere from $25-$40 and others may be upwards of $200. You need to assess your audience, but be cautious because raising your price might drive people away. Something you can do is ask for optional donations until you figure out your audience. Lastly, you need to promote and provide essential info on the webinar. It’s hard work but if done right the payoff is huge.

What is a webinar?




A webinar or a “webcast”, “online event” or a “web seminar” is a very effective and efficient tool for any organization. With a webinar an individual can have a vast audience from all over the world because everything is being done over the internet. We all have heard of Skype and Google Hangouts but a webinar is on a greater scale. The speaker from the hosting organization can share PowerPoint presentations, videos, web pages or other media content with their audience which could be located anywhere in the globe. The audience usually can interact with the speaker in real time through tools such as instant messaging and email.


A webinar typically has both visual and audio components and often additional software isn’t needed. If special software is required, the host of the webinar will usually inform and provide it for the participants beforehand via download. Most webinars will require you to sign up ahead of time, so make sure you are registered and have your spot reserved. After doing so you should receive an email shortly which will contain your confirmation code, from there just follow the given instructions by the host.


The beauty of a webinar is that once you get passed your apprehension of the technological aspect (which is minimal) there are benefits on top of benefits for all parties involved. With a webinar you can eliminate a vast amount of your expenses. Compared to a live conference you are cutting out the meeting facility, travel costs and also the energy and time for participants to attend.


The uses for webinars are pretty much limitless. They can be used for conferences, training programs, lectures or even short presentations. You can let your creative mind run wild and take advantage of this tool any way you see fit. It is important to find ways to cut your costs but still have an effective and efficient business, holding webinars can definitely help you with that!


Instagram means business



Instagram is the insta-tool for your business to succeed


There are an abundance of social media sites and tools at your disposal nowadays, but is that necessarily a good thing? Many people get overwhelmed and don’t know what social media platforms to use or even worse they try to use every single one they possibly can. Before you even start you need to recognize what your business is and who you want to cater to. Not all social media platforms are the same and they don’t all have the same audience. Then why is Instagram so successful regardless of the business you are in? Let’s dive in and see!


If unaware, Instagram is a social media platform where users can upload pictures and use hashtags to create small communities just like twitter. Now lets check out the several benefits Instagram has for you and your business.


1. We all have heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.”, it may be cliche but it is very true. Most people are visual and having a well placed picture can do the job of an advertisement without having to go through the effort or expenses linked with it. This is a great platform to show consumers the passion you have for your products and services.

2. Another benefit of instagram is that you can give consumers the “exclusive sneak peek” or the “behind the scenes” experience. This will help you build a unique rapport with your consumers and will also create a fascination and intrigue factor. A picture of your product being made or a picture of an office party creates a bridge between the business and the consumers that will help them relate to you on another level.

3. Generate customer interaction in exchanges where they show themselves using your products. Make the exchanges fun and interesting for them and get them excited to be talking to you. If they feel a certain relation building where they know you care they will be much more likely to spend money.

4. Lastly Instagram can help you build a personality for your brand. Choose the pictures you upload carefully and make sure they express your brand the way you want. Are you trying to portray a “serious” attitude or a “socially conscious” one?


Instagram has hundreds of millions of active users posting over 40 million pictures a day, if used correctly your business could see great gains. Say cheese!