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The Metra Wake Up Call


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So this something I wrote to myself on my commute to class on the train from a few weeks ago.It is a little random and it has swears, but I think it will be worth the read. Let me know what you think!!!

I have lived a life without having to suffer any real tragedies. No big, life-altering events that would stay with me forever. For some reason though, I have this feeling of loneliness within myself. Every so often in the pit of my stomach I get this anxious feeling that something is missing from my life or from myself. I personally have a positive attitude about life and everything that encompasses it, but when I am alone something just seems to be missing. Lets set the record straight here, there are no suicidal thoughts here and there never will be. I don’t even think you can call this depression. Rather this is just a young soul trying to figure out what the hell he is exactly doing. I get that this is not an original thought, rather it’s a path every individual goes down at some point in their lives.


I mean I have no real talents or no big achievements under my belt. I mean for Gods sake I am already 23! There’s multimillionaires out there that are younger than me. There are people out there living out their dreams and accomplishing things left and right. So what is my excuse? I have these strong urges to do incredible things but sadly they die out as soon as they are born. Am I just one of those “all talk, no action” individuals? What does one need to do to get that motivation to reach the next stage? Whether or not I would like to admit this, but I know there is an apathy within me and that is the God damned truth.

As being the youngest I have always been the baby of the family and my parents have raised me as such. I have had no real responsibilities growing up and have pretty much coasted through my young life. But there is an expiration date on which you can blame your parents. I need to take charge and assert myself in every single aspect of my life, because lets face it, this one issue has affected me in every single area of my life.

 But where does this motivation of completely altering myself come from? I mean to entirely change ones self is a process, you can’t undo 23 years of apathy in a single moment or action can you? Well, why not? We live life by a set of rules either ones that have been established by “society” throughout the years or some we just make up ourselves. (But lets be honest it’s still society talking.) We humans are amazing! Our minds are amazing! We are capable of so much but most of us don’t even unearth 10% of it. We get sucked in to this black hole or zone of content and comfort and we just settle in there for the rest of our lives. I am one of those people. I am exactly what I hate, what I despise and what I fear. Maybe this is the reason for my despair and loneliness. I still don’t know myself. I have this picture of what I want to be or hope to be but I am not even close to it. I have let myself believe that I am something that I am not.

Now my life is good but I am not truly happy because I feel like I am just wasting away. The minutes are passing me by like strangers on the street. Given such a precious gift as life and here I am squandering it away. I know you think that I am being dramatic or I am romanticizing the situation. Tell me honestly though, how many people in the history of the world made the most of their time? How many lives were spent living for others? How many people settled for what they got? How many dreams went unfulfilled? 

I am not saying that I crave to be famous or rich or anything of that nature. I just want to live a worthwhile life that I can be proud of. And right now, I am not proud. Because I know I have so much more potential and I can take myself to a greater place. I need to light a fire within myself that no one will be able to extinguish, not even me. A fire of passion, that will burn to the sky.

Knowing your faults and failures will and can take you to an amazing place. It is important to know yourself fully and completely. Sitting on this train to Chicago I have accepted that I have failed so far in my life. I have let the apathy take full control and make me numb. I know this and it is up to me to pull myself out of this shit daze of a life.

Hopefully just writing all of this down and making myself think, write and read this will be the trigger to escape my comfort zone. Wake up! Do something! Do what you want!

For example when you saw that cute girl at Starbucks, why didn’t you go up and talk to her? This fear of everything will get you no where! Once you conquer your fear, you will feel liberated and you know this to be true. Life is short, fear has no place here. This fear will hold you back, and you do not want the comfort zone anymore. Take that anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach and kick it out! There is no vacancy anymore, not for fear. Just take the leap man, it might be scary at first but that rush afterwards will be worth it. Apply this everything, and believe in yourself. You aren’t a baby anymore. You are capable of a lot, just lose the fear and see where you end up. Confidence is the motherfucking key.

So when opportunity knocks, open the damn door because there is a good chance you won’t hear another knock for a while. You should try to experience as much as you can because even bad experiences help us grow, probably more so than the good. Get what you can when you can.

Take risks, everything will be fine.

Until next time ~Peace, Love & Respect~ 

Instagram means business



Instagram is the insta-tool for your business to succeed


There are an abundance of social media sites and tools at your disposal nowadays, but is that necessarily a good thing? Many people get overwhelmed and don’t know what social media platforms to use or even worse they try to use every single one they possibly can. Before you even start you need to recognize what your business is and who you want to cater to. Not all social media platforms are the same and they don’t all have the same audience. Then why is Instagram so successful regardless of the business you are in? Let’s dive in and see!


If unaware, Instagram is a social media platform where users can upload pictures and use hashtags to create small communities just like twitter. Now lets check out the several benefits Instagram has for you and your business.


1. We all have heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.”, it may be cliche but it is very true. Most people are visual and having a well placed picture can do the job of an advertisement without having to go through the effort or expenses linked with it. This is a great platform to show consumers the passion you have for your products and services.

2. Another benefit of instagram is that you can give consumers the “exclusive sneak peek” or the “behind the scenes” experience. This will help you build a unique rapport with your consumers and will also create a fascination and intrigue factor. A picture of your product being made or a picture of an office party creates a bridge between the business and the consumers that will help them relate to you on another level.

3. Generate customer interaction in exchanges where they show themselves using your products. Make the exchanges fun and interesting for them and get them excited to be talking to you. If they feel a certain relation building where they know you care they will be much more likely to spend money.

4. Lastly Instagram can help you build a personality for your brand. Choose the pictures you upload carefully and make sure they express your brand the way you want. Are you trying to portray a “serious” attitude or a “socially conscious” one?


Instagram has hundreds of millions of active users posting over 40 million pictures a day, if used correctly your business could see great gains. Say cheese!

Dreaming a Reality


 It was a dark and mysterious night and I knew something different was in the air. I chose to walk to the club instead of taking a cab. The city was busy and silent at the same time, with the streets crowded but with no one uttering a single sound. The city lights guided me through the streets where I knew I was in danger because Ray Bones and Chilli Palmer forgot their own differences to come after me. I looked up and saw good Ole’ Johnny in the sky and a sense of calm came over me. But I knew I should of jumped town a long time  ago with the kind of mess I was in but I couldn’t leave with out her. Mal. Her name was Mal.


In this city filled with enemies she was the only face I trusted. She wasn’t just a dame , her smile cracked through my soul and left a feeling of right. I had to find her and convince her to jump town with me.I got to the club and just like the first time I ever saw her, Ella and Louie were singing “Dream a little dream of me”. That was mine and Mals song. We loved to dream together and figure out where we would end up. The last time I saw her we were listening to our song, and the last words Ella sung so did Mal. It seemed like she was telling me though rather than singing. She said “Promise to me, dream, dream a little dream of me”. It was almost like someone planned this moment to perfection for me.



The smokey atmosphere brought me to a nolstagic high. It felt like the crowd knew I was there and they tried to keep me from Mal. I couldn’t seem to find her and then from the corner of my eye I saw her smile and my heart started beating faster and slower at the same time. I tried getting closer to her, and then I saw it. She was in the arms of Chilli Palmer and she was giving him the same smile she gave me. Then I knew the ugly truth, that I was in a beautiful lie. They saw me and I knew I could get out of there alive if I just tried to reason with them but instead…….I reached for my gun. I felt the bullets pierce my skin and Mals smile pierce my heart. As I hit the ground I heard Ella sing “promise to me, you dream, dream a little dream of me”.


The coldness took over my body and in a sick twisted irony I heard Ray Bones say “Be Cool” as they walked over my body. I was entering a state of limbo where I was neither dead or alive. I just kept seeing Mals smile, the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. So as I sunk, I kept my promise to Mal, and I kept dreaming.



This was my first story I ever wrote so let me know what you think.

And for the little refernces you didn’t catch. 1) Good Ol’ Johnny was the John Hancock Building.

2) Ella and Louie are Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong and the song I am talking about is obviously “Dream a little dream of me”

3)Chilli Palmer and Ray Bones are characters from the movie “Get Shorty” and the sequel “Be Cool”. And Mal is from Inception.

Losing number 54-smart or not?


By now everyone knows that Brian Urlacher was not signed by the Chicago Bears as the two sides couldn’t agree to terms. Was this a smart move by the Bears though?

One side of it is that Urlacher is getting older, he has lost a step or two and the Bears can’t afford to pay him the money he wants. The other side is that the Bears have no apparent replacement for number 54 especially now that they let Nick Roach sign elsewhere. The Bears defense has at most 2 years left to play (Up for debate) at their current level as all key players are aging as well. And you can look at stats all you want but there is no way to understand his leadership unless you are in that locker room. 

The Bears don’t need to sign another hall-of-famer at linebacker to fill Urlacher’s void but they do need a competent player who can hold his own and run the defense. To me the Bears will miss the leadership that Urlacher brought and I don’t see Lance Briggs or Charles Tillman filling that need, at least not completely. Looking at Phil Emery and his track record I have hope that he has a plan and that the need will be addressed in the draft. I do agree with Urlacher that it was a “slap in the face” that Emery and the Bears did not call him to let him know of the situation, rather Urlacher found out through other sources. However I can’t say it was a “slap in the face” when it came to the contract because this is a business and sometimes like they say, good things must come to an end. 

Only time will tell us if this was a good move but no one can argue that Brian Urlacher was an amazing player who gave his all to this city, to this organization and to his team mates. You will be missed number 54, we thank you for everything you have done.