Ask Chiggy Video 2 – Getting Healthy


I’m back!


I know….I know that I have apologized before about not being consistent with my writing and by now you guys are seeing a trend. But I wholeheartedly apologize. Life is a funny thing and sometimes we are taken away from our passions. Good news is that I have been at my current job for about 8 months now! Ohh how time flies!

I am going to start living a more balanced life. I am eating healthier, I am working out again, I am going out of my comfort zone, growing as an individual every day and now I will get back to my passions -writing, inspiring and creating content.

As I always tell people, life is short. Don’t wait to pursue your passions and to live the life you want. I always preach this but I don’t fully follow my own advice. it is time to change that.

Whey Protein: A poem



This is my attempt at making a poem about whey protein and how it benefits muscle growth as requested by my friend. Let me know what you think in the comments and please follow!!


“Ehhh way!” screamed Jose. “You should take whey every single day.” “Pshhh” I replied. “Like that helps any?” All Jose could do is sigh and think of the benefits that were plenty. But not losing hope Jose started on a rant that wouldn’t lose steam. About all the benefits of whey protein. 

He said “It provides a fast stream of amino acids to muscle tissue!” I arrogantly replied, “that’s not that big of an issue.”

“It has a speedy digestion compared to other protein sources!” he exclaimed. “What’s your point?” I said as the color from his face drained.

“It improves blood flow to the forearm muscles, which enhances delivery of muscle building nutrients such as oxygen and hormones. You ass!!!” In thought I pondered and then said, ” Well I don’t wanna get jacked just get cut, I think I’ll pass” 

At that moment Jose lost his temper and knocked me over the head with something. 

An hour later I woke with a pounding headache and a stiffness. As my eyes cleared I realized that Jose dropped me off at a Planet Fitness.