I’m back!


I know….I know that I have apologized before about not being consistent with my writing and by now you guys are seeing a trend. But I wholeheartedly apologize. Life is a funny thing and sometimes we are taken away from our passions. Good news is that I have been at my current job for about 8 months now! Ohh how time flies!

I am going to start living a more balanced life. I am eating healthier, I am working out again, I am going out of my comfort zone, growing as an individual every day and now I will get back to my passions -writing, inspiring and creating content.

As I always tell people, life is short. Don’t wait to pursue your passions and to live the life you want. I always preach this but I don’t fully follow my own advice. it is time to change that.


Thinking about switching it up



Hello my lovely readers! So I am thinking about switching it up and instead of just having my inspirational stuff I could add some more things. I was actually thinking about making a separate food blog because I will definitely be having some crazy food adventures this summer! However, I don’t want to deprave you guys of the awesome food I could be sharing. So I might just shake things up with this blog and give you loyal followers a little bit of everything. 

Comment and let me know!!! Let’s create a dialogue!